Bygone Beetle & Bus Bodies Busting Budgets

old rusted split-window VW bus in a field

Join us in the VW Forums for a thread on how much 1950s and pre-1950s VW Beetle and Bus shells are going for. Rusted, missing engines, sitting for decades. Prepare to be shocked.

The old VW market is hyper inflated. Its isn’t quite as bad as some of the Fora

The worst section is the Split Busses – Type I 1950-1967. A rusty body shell missing its pieces can capture anywhere from 20-50k…no engine or transmission.

There is a firm which works up Old Vanagons into Campers, reworks engine and trans, and sells them for 75k. They have all the orders they want. Kudos to them, but 75k for a VW camper used is still insanity…all IMHO of course

Spllit Beetles 1953-back are being restored and sold for 50-100k an hour south of me. Also full with work. These restorations are NOT perfect, but good workmanship and materials. OEM parts for the splits simply are NLA.

Are old Bug bodies really going for $10k+?

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