I Just Got a 2016 CC

I wish. Actually, it was my mom who just bought this fine VW. I’ll have more details in the next few days, but for now here are some photos I snapped of her new CC today.

VW Not Getting Down from Dieselgate

VW Headquarters
VW Headquarters

A wounded, embarrassed VW will fall back, take stock, focus inward, and move forward from the Dieselgate scandal. Right?

Wrong. VW plans to increase its ambitions in the face of disaster. Yes, you read that right.

Our competitors are waiting for us to fall behind technologically, because we are spending all our time focusing on ourselves. But we aren’t going to do them that favour. — new VW chief executive Matthias Mueller

When some companies would crouch to avoid the missiles and barbs of the press, public and governments, according to the BBC, VW is instead redoubling efforts to increase its lead on Toyota in worldwide car sales.

Speaking to 400 top VW managers in Leipzig about how to deal with the enormous costs of the scandal, Mr Mueller made a number of startling announcements:

  • no brands would be sold off
  • innovation would be boosted
  • and overall VW would become more ambitious globally rather than less

What this means in practice is a billion euros (£735m; $1.1bn) in spending cuts annually on the one hand, and more innovation, particularly in electric cars, on the other. Plus a completely new corporate culture which allows more creativity and questioning rather than autocratic top-down decision-making.

Germany Forces VW Diesel Recall


The Financial Times is reporting today Germany’s automobile authority is forcing VW to recall 8.5 million diesel automobiles. The recall is expected to take a year to complete.

Alexander Dobrindt, Germany’s transport minister, said KBA’s recall would be mandatory rather than voluntary partly because of the sheer number of vehicles affected.

“This is a recall of a dimension that makes a degree of control and oversight indispensable,” he added.


IMHO Dieselgate scalndal has much gettin’ worse to do before we see gettin’ better. We’re still in the beginning.

Lots Going on at VW These Days

Dieselgate shows no signs of going away. The public is angry, and governments are taking action.

There are lawsuits. VW’s CEO resigned.

Volkswagen will focus on electrics and hybrids  following this diesel emissions scandal, turning a gigantic portion of their focus away from a bedrock of Volkswagen’s direction in the last 40 years. There’s even talk that diesel is dead.

And, in the midst of this, I’m launching this site. It’s a sister site to my Volvo DIY forum.

It’ll be interesting to look back at this post in ten or fifteen years and see where VW goes from here.